Circuit Developer Community

Build amazing real-time apps using Circuit APIs.
Extend your site with video conferences, screensharing, or rich text messaging.
Create a bot to enhance the Circuit experience by integrating with third party services.

Getting started

Your application on Circuit in 3 easy steps

1. Setup your environment

  1. You will need a private tenant on our Circuit sandbox to freely work on your application in a developement environnement.
    If you do not have one yet, request your sandbox (expect an answer within one business day).
  2. Next, register your application on your sandbox. Make sure to register with the email used in step 1.
    If you already had a sandbox, then provide the email of your tenant administrator.
  3. You are ready, open your IDE of choice ;-)

2. Build your application

  1. Read the JS & Node.js README and browse our code sample applications to help you get started with our JavaScript SDK, Node.js SDK, Rest API and the iOS SDK.
    We have a wide range of applications to help you going with the most common use cases.
  2. Check out the documentations for JS & Node.js SDK, REST API.
  3. Need some help ?
    Reach out to the community on Stack Overflow
  4. Submit improvements, ideas or report issues directly on our project bug trackers (JS SDK, iOS SDK)
    We're happy to hear from you.
  5. Once you're done, you can go live

3. Go Live

  1. Register your application on our production environment (expect an answer in two business days).
    For security checks, we will ask that you provide your tenant administrator email.
  2. Host your application on a domain with SSL, fill in your production API credentials and you are done!
  3. If you feel like it, tell us about your app and make it publicly available.
    We'll make sure to post about it on our portal our blog.