Node.js SDK

The Node.js SDK is usually used in two types of applications:

  • Bots using OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials grant. Authenticate using client_id and client_secret. E.g. xlator-bot or node-sdk-example
  • Server-side web applications using OAuth 2.0 Authorization Grant. Authentication and token management done on the server. Logon via Node.JS SDK using the accessToken. E.g. node-linkify or circuit-google-assistant

The Node.js SDK is identical to the JS SDK, but does not support first-party WebRTC APIs. It does support WebRTC related APIs in which the app does no act as WebRTC endpoint (e.g. starting a conference, dialing out a number or user on behalf of the logged in user, recording).

API Documenation npm

npm install --save circuit-sdk

More information at


Web server app to modify text messages on behalf of a user. Uses OAuth2 REST API and JavaScript SDK.

Source Demo video

Introduction example. Shows how to logon to circuit, register for events, lookup a conversation, send a message, attach files to a message, send a comment.


This sample application shows how to receive Circuit Conversation updates and how to send Circuit conversation items with the circuit node SDK.


Bot to join IRC channels from circuit.


Create conversations and messages using the circuit node SDK. Useful to load the local Circuit system for load testing.


more to come...